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This unique structure uses an outer layer of PET to cover a layer of Valeron (R) - high strength cross-laminated HDPE film. The foil barrier layer is sandwiched between them and the Cortec VpCI-126 film sealant layer. This multi-layered high performance laminated structure was developed to meet the demands of the toughest of harsh environments such as "on-deck" export shipping. It offers superb puncture and tear resistance while also providing excellent moisture vapor and oxygen barriers. The anti-corrosion protection provided is un-matched by any other barrier lamination available. The foil layer prevents the VpCI (R) molecular vapor from escaping from the package thereby trapping the protective chemistry within where it remains at full strength.

BluGuard-HD is designed for the exceptional protection of moisture and oxygen-sensitive metal parts. Its tough Valeron (R) film layer makes it the right choice of materials for use in harsh environments such as the outdoor storage or export shipment of large equipment or other valuable assets where the cover material is subjected to the elements and constant buffeting of the wind. It is also very useful in smaller parts applications such as the vacuum packaging of irregular metal parts. It offers excellent draw-down characteristics while maintaining superior puncture resistance.

  • Protects ferrous and nonferrous metals.
  • Flexible, heat-sealable (vacuum-sealable).
  • High degree of puncture and tear resistance.
  • MVTR & OTR are both less than 0.001g/100 in² / 24 hrs.
  • Utilizes Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) technology.
  • Provides excellent barrier properties to moisture vapor, oxygen and other gasses.
  • Eliminates the need for costly desiccants while providing complete corrosion
  • Can be fitted with a one-way vacuum valve for the removal of harmful elements from
        within an airtight cover system or package.
  • Available as single-wound roll stock, V-sheeted roll-stock, continuous edge-sealed
        tubing, large blankets or sheets, and converted bags, covers, pouches or liners.

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